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Multiple socket designs based on patient physiology and needs. (total surface weight bearing, multiple vacuum technologies, MAS-IRC sockets, and patellar tendon bearing for lower limb sockets. Both anatomical self-suspending and viscoelastic liner suspension upper extremity sockets are used for patients with upper extremity limb deficiencies.)

Component selections that optimize patient outcomes. Certification in TouchBionics iLimb hands, Otto Bock Myoelectric Hand, the Utah Arm and custom silicone applications ensure a wide availability of options for upper extremity limb deficiencies. Lower extremity certifications include the C-leg, Rheo knee, Proprio foot, Plie knee, LimbLogic VS, Harmony Vacuum Interface and many others.

Most importantly is the ability to listen to the patient and to successfully include those aspects in the design of the prosthesis. But then there is the patient that just wants the same design that they already have, just one that fits better. We are happy to oblige with that too because we know: it’s your leg!


As I have stated more times than I can recall- I don’t like orthoses… I like what they can do. I don’t know of anyone that enjoys wearing any type of orthosis. Our goal at Sequoia Prosthetics & Orthotics is simple when it comes to making orthoses for our patients: Never make one that just ends up in the closet! If you are going to endure the inconvenience of wearing an AFO (ankle foot orthosis or ankle brace), it better help you walk better and farther and with less pain. Several patients have come in to the office expecting to be casted for or fit with an orthosis and are surprised to have us look at them as a life, not just a prescription. We look at the cause of the problem and related conditions that would impact the success of various approaches.